An innovative brand offering a wide range of modern lubricants for cars and commercial vehicles. G-Energy engine, transmission, hydraulic, and greases are manufactured using G-Base Synthetic Technology *, the best base oils, and advanced additive technology. Modern production technologies and the European quality of G-Energy oils exceed the requirements of car manufacturers and meet the high expectations of the most experienced and demanding car enthusiasts.




A large selection of oils of various properties and characteristics, a variety of product lines for cars of different manufacturers, ages, technological equipment and technical condition-all this allows you to choose the optimal oil for any car, to be sure of the reliability and durability of important components and assemblies. Lubricants of all lines, from the available synthetic g-Energy Synthetic oils, to the professional g-Energy Racing car oil series and the exclusive G-Energy Service Line line meet the highest international quality standards and enjoy the well-deserved trust of both professionals and ordinary car owners.

For maximum engine protection, G-Energy oils use a unique ACF (Adaptive Components Formula) technology that enhances the necessary properties of the engine oil in high-load conditions. Thanks to ACF's intelligent ability to selectively trigger protection mechanisms in accordance with each unique situation and operating conditions, G-Energy oils reliably protect the engine while maintaining their properties for longer.

G-Energy oils are developed jointly with major automotive concerns, global manufacturers and technology developers as part of their participation in the international ATIEL ** association. This provides a high level of properties and quality, confirmed by the approvals of the world's leading automakers, such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault, General Motors, etc.

* G-Base Synthetic Technology - an innovative technology for the production of G-Energy Synthetic oils, combining all modern scientific achievements, unique recipes, advanced production and product quality control.

** ATIEL (Association Technique de l’Industrie Européenne des Lubrifiants), Technical Association of European Lubricant Manufacturers.


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